Chrysanthemum: £7.95 per person

Please choose up to 6 selections fromthe following:

Bbq chicken wings
Spicy chicken wings
Spinach & feta cheese goujons (v)
curried vegetable samosas (v)
carrot & corriander goujons (v)
Cheese & chilli pepper nuggets (v)
falafel with yoghurt & mint dip
vegetable spring rollswith sweet chilli dip (v)
Cocktail sausage rolls (x2)
Mini savoury egg
smoked haddock & Gruyere pastry bites
Assorted mini quiches
Traditional pork pie with branston pickle
Cocktail sausages (x2)
Tortilla chips & crudites with salsa dip (v)
Chocolate & plain donut rings & choc & hazelnut dip (x2)
Traditional fruit basket
Sugared jam donut

A selection of trimmed reception sandwiches are included with every buffet

If you have no preference as to your buffet items, we will prepare a typical selection

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